Examples of using HubSpot for marketing

By Tim Priebe on January 17, 2024

By Tim Priebe on January 17, 2024

HubSpot is like a Swiss Army knife for digital marketing. It’s versatile and powerful and can be great for pulling together multiple marketing platforms and even aligning sales and marketing in your organization.

Let’s look at five real-life examples of ways our clients have used HubSpot for marketing.

Email marketing campaign

One of our clients has been collecting email addresses since 2012 and has used HubSpot to do so since 2016. We regularly send emails to his list to add value to the subscribers. It’s not unusual for his emails to have an open rate of over 50%.

This helps him provide value to existing clients, gain new clients, keep marketing to past clients who may have changed jobs, and let existing clients know about his new services.

Automated marketing workflow

For one of our clients, we set up a simple automated marketing workflow to deliver a year-long video course via email. We originally set it up in Mailchimp years ago, but when he transitioned to HubSpot for his email marketing, we moved it over.

One of the big advantages of this particular workflow is that we set it up and occasionally promote it through his social media (scheduled through HubSpot, of course), which results in people regularly signing up for it and being added to his email list.

Client feedback

Another client teaches weekly in-house classes to a variety of clients. For him, we set up a client feedback form that he sends out each week, which he’s told us saved him several hours each week versus how he was doing it before.

The form collects in HubSpot, but we also set it up to feed into an ongoing spreadsheet, unique per client.

Event marketing

One of our clients offers a monthly free event to generate and nurture leads. We have the marketing for the event and registration both set up through HubSpot.

First, an email to his list lets people know about it. That email links to a landing page with an RSVP form.

If they click on the email but don’t fill out the form, they get an additional email shortly before the event reminding them there’s still time to RSVP. That email is much more targeted than the first because it’s only going to those interested enough to read the landing page but still need to sign up.

Lead generation

Another client uses downloadable PDFs to generate leads. Over the years, we’ve created many forms and landing pages for his PDFs, including tools, ebooks, and white papers.

When somebody mentioned one of those tools at an international conference, we were already ranked number one in Google’s results for that tool, so the downloads exploded.

Using HubSpot, we have a distinct list for each PDF. As a result, our client could send a follow-up email after the conference to everyone who had ever downloaded the PDF that was mentioned.

Need HubSpot help?

Whether you’re looking to streamline email campaigns, automate workflows (and sequences), gather crucial client feedback, spearhead event marketing, or generate leads, HubSpot is a great tool. But you must know how to use the tool, and expert guidance can help.

We’re HubSpot partners and have helped dozens of clients with their HubSpot presence. We can get you onboarded, train you, or even manage HubSpot for you continuously. If you need professional help, reach out. We’d be happy to talk.


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