T&S is now Backslash Creative 

By Tim Priebe on October 4, 2023

By Tim Priebe on October 4, 2023

If you’ve ever been to our website or interacted with us before, you may notice something—no, everything—is different! After 20 years of doing business as T&S, we are now Backslash Creative!

This change came for multiple reasons, all good, so let’s get into the nitty-gritty. 

Why mess with a good thing?

While the old name and branding was great, it no longer represented who we are or what we do. In fact, we’ve actually changed our name once before, for the same reason!

We started as T&S Web Design in 2003. But in 2014, we found that name no longer encompassed our breadth of services. So, we became T&S Online Marketing!

But in 2023, we have grown even beyond that into Backslash Creativity. We have expanded three core services in the past few years that have one important throughline: creativity.

The first service we’ve expanded is our design work. While we’ve always had an eye for aesthetics, over the years, we have been creating logo design, brand guides, ad design, print work, and many other design pieces that help our clients have engaging and beautiful brand identities.

The next area of note is videography and photography. The quality of photos and videos has sharply increased, even over the last few years. These things are more available and accessible than ever before, but the right mix of professionalism, brand identity, and message can still be hard to achieve. This is why our clients use our services to help them get the images and videos that help them stand out in a positive way online. 

The last big thing is strategy. As our agency and our skills have grown, our clients have grown with us. We can look at their whole industry, organization, and marketing landscape and make strategic decisions about how best to help them get in front of their ideal customers. 

The “backslash” part of our name is a nod to our roots. We are still, and will always be, a digital-first marketing company. 

Why so colorful? 

Our new brand is bold. That might not appeal to everyone, but we believe it will appeal to our ideal clients. This rebrand was a labor of love, and every piece was considered carefully and critiqued endlessly, but we can’t wait to share it with you. 

Our colors represent our team incredibly well. Playful, fun, vibrant, and always full of energy, but not ones to shy away from hard work either. 

Our colors also really bring us into the new era of the internet. Back when we initially chose T&S in 2003, things were very different. Design trends were different, Facebook didn’t exist yet, and the iPhone hadn’t even come out yet! A Justice League movie still seemed like a pipe dream, and William Shatner was still the only actor to have played Captain Kirk.

We think our new colors, logo, and overall identity reflect our expertise and passion, and we hope you’ll agree. 

What’s staying the same?

Our values and mission are the same, our commitment to excellence is still the same, and our passion for helping our clients is at the forefront of our agency. You’ll also still have access to any of our newsletters you’ve subscribed to, and all of our ebooks have been updated, too.

We appreciate our friends, family, and fans for continuing to grow with us!

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