Does HubSpot do drip campaigns?

By Tim Priebe on September 13, 2023

By Tim Priebe on September 13, 2023

So, you’ve heard the buzz about drip campaigns in the world of marketing automation, and you’re wondering if HubSpot, the heavyweight champion of marketing automation, can get the job done.

Well, you’re in the right place because the short answer is a resounding yes!

HubSpot excels at drip campaigns, and in this article, we’ll break down what you need to know about them.

Understanding the basics

Drip campaigns, also known as automated email sequences, are like the unsung heroes of marketing. They’re all about nurturing leads through a series of automated emails, making sure your potential customers stay engaged and informed. Picture this: someone stumbles upon your website, signs up for your newsletter, or downloads an ebook. You want to keep them interested, right? That’s where drip campaigns come into play.

In essence, a drip campaign is a well-thought-out sequence of emails triggered by a specific action or event. It’s a bit like setting up a digital conveyor belt of information and engagement opportunities.

Setting up drip campaigns in HubSpot

Now that we know what drip campaigns are let’s dive into how HubSpot handles them. To create a drip campaign, you’ll primarily work within HubSpot’s Marketing and Automation sections.

First, you’ll craft the emails you want to send in the Marketing section, under Emails. HubSpot offers user-friendly email design tools, so even if you’re not a design guru, you can create eye-catching emails.

Once you have your emails ready, head over to the Automation section under Workflows. Here’s where the magic happens. You’ll set up a series of actions, including sending those emails you just created. The key to a successful drip campaign is timing, and HubSpot allows you to specify the intervals between each email.

Planning your campaign

Before you dive into HubSpot to create your drip campaign, it’s a good practice to plan things out. Sit down with your team, and sketch out the campaign’s purpose, the content of each email, and the desired personalization. HubSpot’s a powerful tool, but like any tool, it’s most effective when you have a clear plan.

In our agency, we typically start by outlining the campaign’s high-level objectives. What do we want to achieve with this drip campaign? Then, we brainstorm the content, subjects, and body of each email. Once we’ve got our plan in place, we start adding those individual emails to HubSpot in the Marketing section. Then, we set up the automation in the Automation section under Workflows.

Monitoring and adjusting

With your drip campaign up and running, your job isn’t finished. In fact, it’s just beginning. You need to closely monitor the campaign’s progress and make adjustments as needed. Defining the goal of your drip campaign and the purpose of each email within it is crucial.

Some campaigns are suitable for sending to your entire contact list, while others require segmentation. Consider triggers like specific actions (clicking on a link in another email) to ensure the right people enter your drip campaign.

Proven results

According to the Epsilon Email Institute, automated email messages, like the ones in drip campaigns, boast an impressive 76.7% higher open rate and a staggering 151.9% higher click-through rate compared to regular email marketing messages.

So, there you have it—HubSpot and drip campaigns, a dynamic duo that can supercharge your marketing efforts. If you haven’t explored the power of drip campaigns yet, it might be time to dive in and start nurturing those leads like a pro. Your audience is waiting, and HubSpot is ready to help you deliver engaging, automated content that drives results.

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