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By Michela Owen on August 16, 2023

By Michela Owen on August 16, 2023

What works for SEO? Let’s look at some of our supercharged SEO blogs that have received decent traffic over the past 12 months. Then for each blog, I’ll share one takeaway that you can apply to your blogs if you want to get search engine traffic.

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Blog Example #1: How to get your website back

Ever found yourself in a digital pickle, desperately needing to get your website back from the abyss? Our very own Tim Priebe comes to the rescue with battle-tested advice on reclaiming control over your digital kingdom. From vanished webmasters to misplaced passwords, this blog serves up solutions hotter than a freshly brewed cup of coffee.

Lesson: When addressing real-world problems, empathy and expertise are your dynamic duo. Sharing personal anecdotes and practical solutions not only empowers readers but also positions your blog as a beacon of helpfulness.

Blog Example #2: What are Mailchimp social cards?

Have you ever felt like you’re navigating a labyrinth while diving into email marketing? Fear not, for the enigmatic world of Mailchimp social cards is about to be demystified! Join us as we unravel the secrets of these digital creatures, understand when and how to employ them, and leave no questions unanswered.

Lesson: Simplify complexity. Breaking down intricate features like Mailchimp social cards into easily digestible explanations not only empowers your readers but positions your blog as a trusty guide through the convoluted seas of digital marketing.

Blog Example #3: Attachments and embeds with Mailchimp

Admit it, you love Mailchimp like Tim loves his Freddie figurines (which is a lot, by the way). But what’s the deal with attachments and embeds in Mailchimp emails? Tim Priebe unravels the mysteries, explains the ins and outs, and provides workarounds that’ll make your campaigns sing.

Lesson: Tackle misconceptions head-on. Addressing common misunderstandings like the possibility of attaching files in Mailchimp not only informs readers but also positions your blog as a trusted source for clarifying tech-related myths.

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One thing you may have noticed is that our own Tim Priebe wrote all three of those blog articles that are performing well by SEO standards. That should be no surprise, as he’s been helping our clients with SEO for most of the twenty years we’ve been in business.

Whether you need SEO help, grappling with lost websites, deciphering email marketing complexities, or mastering Mailchimp’s intricacies, our expertise has got you covered. Reach out to us for professional guidance, and let’s talk about if we’re a good fit for your SEO and marketing needs.

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