Two strategies for SEO on your website

By Tim Priebe on July 19, 2023

By Tim Priebe on July 19, 2023

If you’re ready to take your website to the next level, buckle up because I’m about to share two SEO tactics that work. After years of doing SEO for clients, I’ve discovered two powerful strategies that consistently make the most significant impact:

  1. Optimizing page speed
  2. Crafting SEO-research-based content.

So, let’s jump in and explore these techniques that can elevate your online presence.

Fast page speed for Google (and people)

In today’s fast-paced digital landscape, patience is in short supply. Your website’s loading speed plays a pivotal role in captivating visitors and ensuring they stick around. Not to mention, it directly impacts your search engine rankings.

While I can’t give you all the technical knowledge my programming background gives me, let’s explore some actionable steps to boost your page speed and provide visitors with an exceptional browsing experience:

Testing your website’s speed – First things first, let’s tap into the powerful insights offered by Google’s PageSpeed Insights tool. This tool will analyze your website’s loading performance and provide valuable recommendations for improvement. Trust me. It’s a goldmine of information!

Optimizing images for speed – Size matters, my friend, especially when it comes to image files. Before uploading any visuals, make sure to compress and resize them without compromising quality. There are numerous handy online tools and image editing software options to assist you in this process. I like to use Save For Web in Photoshop and utilize ImageOptim to make images load faster.

Streamlining HTTP requests – To give your website a turbo boost, minimize the number of HTTP requests it makes. Combine CSS and JavaScript files, declutter unnecessary plugins, and embrace the power of browser caching. It’s all about streamlining the process and making your website lightning-fast! WordPress has all sorts of SEO plugins for this, and Google Tag Manager can be used on any website to help with this.

Choosing reliable hosting – Behind every successful website is a solid hosting provider. Opt for one that offers lightning-fast server response times and a robust infrastructure. Upgrading to a dedicated or virtual private server (VPS) can work wonders for your website’s speed.

SEO-research-based content for Google (and people)

Now that we’ve tackled page speed, let’s turn our attention to crafting captivating content that impresses both your audience and search engines. By conducting SEO-research-based content creation, you can unlock the true potential of your website’s visibility.

Dive deep into research – It’s time to become a detective and uncover the keywords that hold the key to your target audience’s hearts. Tools like Google Keyword Planner, SEMrush, and Ahrefs will be your trusty companions on this journey. Identify high-potential keywords and phrases relevant to your industry and audience.

Understand your audience’s Intent – Get inside the minds of your audience by understanding their search intent. Create content that not only answers their burning questions but also provides comprehensive insights and solutions. Be their go-to resource in the vast digital landscape.

Use best practices – Structure your article so it’s easy for people and search engines to scan. Use subheadings, bulleted lists, numbered lists, and even illustrations and photos.

Embrace continuous optimization

SEO is an ongoing journey, my friend, not a one-time destination. While page speed optimization and SEO-research-based content creation are crucial, it’s important to acknowledge that they must be done on an ongoing basis.

Also, there are countless other tactics at your disposal. Keep an open mind, experiment with new strategies, and adapt to the ever-evolving digital landscape. Stay informed about the latest industry trends and algorithm updates to maintain your competitive edge.

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