Our team’s hobbies: videogames, reading, cooking, and more

By Malisa Rawlings on March 8, 2023

By Malisa Rawlings on March 8, 2023

One of my New Year’s Resolutions was to put aside more time for my hobbies instead of just mindlessly scrolling through TikTok. Hobbies are a vital part of work-life balance, something our team really believes in.

Tim’s hobbies

Our fearless leader Tim loves to read and watch movies. He enjoys fiction (especially science fiction) and nonfiction books, including marketing, business, and even biographies.

When Tim isn’t reading, he loves a good movie. Superhero, fantasy, and science fiction movies are his favorites. The first movie he ever saw in the theaters without his family was The Never-ending Story 2 at the age of 12. (He doesn’t recommend the movie.)

While Tim used to play a lot of different video games, he’s played almost exclusively Minecraft for the past decade or so.

If you know Tim at all, you know he also enjoys just about anything related to Superman and Star Trek. Tim spends about 10 hours a week watching movies and reading, but only because he makes the time to do so.

Leann’s hobbies

Our Chief of Everything, Leann, is a self-care queen! She loves getting her nails done and a good massage with—not from—a friend. This supermom works hard, and she also enjoys organizing around the house and watches tons of videos on organizing.

Michela’s hobbies

Marketing Strategist Michela Owen loves to read, just like Tim. She prefers mysteries but won’t turn down a good science fiction novel.

Michela is also a bit of a gamer, but with more variety than Tim. She plays Sims, Stardew Valley, and plenty of other games. She self-identifies as a cozy gamer.

When Michela isn’t reading or gaming, she enjoys painting. Currently, she primarily works with watercolor, a pretty tough medium to master.

Sara’s hobbies

Our Project Manager Sara Payne enjoys cooking and leisurely surfing the internet. She started cooking when she moved into a mountain vacation town because eating out cost around $30 a plate. Cooking at home helps her stay on budget and eat healthily.

Sara loves learning about a variety of topics. Before the internet was prevalent, she spent a lot of time at the library learning about history, geography, and other subjects. Now she does a lot of that research online.

In the eighties, Sara had a Russian pen pal. Letters back and forth would take a month, and now it takes just seconds for an email to travel around the world.

My hobbies

As the current intern here, I enjoy gaming like Tim and Michela. However, I’m a loyal Playstation and Nintendo gamer. When I was five I enjoyed playing Crash Bandicoot Team Racing on PS1. Now I spend two hours a day gaming most days.

In addition to gaming, I started hiking during COVID. I drive up to the Wichita Mountains and spend the whole day hiking. When I spent some time in southern California, hiking was even easier, with options much closer. On Saturdays it’s not unusual for me to spend 8 hours hiking.

Need more balance in your life? It’s never too late to try a new hobby! If any of these interest you, feel free to ask any of our team members more about a specific hobby of theirs.

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