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By Jackie Bell on March 17, 2021

By Jackie Bell on March 17, 2021

Most people turn to retail or the food industry for their first job. I worked in retail for about six years, and none of them offered great benefits. I lived paycheck to paycheck, worked 50 hours a week between two different jobs, and almost never had holidays off. I didn’t have time to live. T&S Online Marketing has changed that, and here’s how.

Paid holidays

One of my favorite perks is that we get paid holidays off. This means that we don’t work on Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year, Memorial Day, and more. We also tend to follow the Edmond schools calendar, so when they have their Christmas, fall, and spring breaks, we do, too!

Paid sick leave

There is nothing more frustrating than becoming sick because it always happens unexpectedly. People either have to choose between going into work while sick (and possibly contagious) or calling in and having to worry if you’ll still be able to pay bills.

If we’re sick, we can take off and still get paid for it because our health is important. It’s also not just about physical health; it’s about mental health, too, which is equally important.

Self-paced schedules

Working at your own pace can have both advantages and disadvantages. The disadvantages depend on where you work, what you do, and your own motivation. Not every company or organization can allow self-paced schedules, and that’s okay.

We at T&S work at our own pace, based on our own process, but that doesn’t mean we still don’t have deadlines to meet. As long as we are working efficiently and completing our work on time, there are no issues. It allows us to breathe, take a break, and then get back to focusing on our work.

Freedom to live and breathe

Similarly to the self-paced schedules, we have freedom. If one of us has a dentist appointment or something else of importance, we can do it without having to request off two weeks ahead of time, and, you guessed it—we still get paid.

We can’t prevent life from happening. We need to attend our appointments, visit our mom on her birthday, take our pet to the vet, or something that we can’t do on a weekend. Again, we can live our lives without working ourselves to death.

Overall health

Many companies offer insurance of some form or another. Ours is a little different in the sense that a huge chunk of money doesn’t get taken out of our checks every month for health insurance. We use Primary Health Partners, a subscription-based doctor’s office, which means that if I get sick or need to see a doctor, I can go to one of their facilities and have my appointment paid for.

When you think of health, do you think of gym memberships? We do! Focusing on our mental and physical health in the gym is extremely beneficial. T&S covers our gym memberships, which is just another great benefit to have!

At the end of the day, we’re all human. We have lives to live outside of work, and our mental and physical health is crucial. I encourage other employers to offer at least a few of these benefits because they truly make a difference in employees’ lives. Happy employees equal better quality work and a happier environment.

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