25 Facebook cover photos for businesses

By Cole Battles on September 16, 2020

By Cole Battles on September 16, 2020

If you want your organization’s Facebook page to look professional, a good looking cover photo is essential. While not everyone will judge you based on how professional your cover photo is, some will. And you want your cover photo—and profile image—to inspire feelings of trust. So how do you do that?

Your cover photo should:

  • Look professionally designed or photographed
  • Match your overall brand identity
  • Inspire good feelings in your target audience

Want to add a new, professional-looking cover photo to your Facebook page? The recommended dimensions are 820 pixels wide x 312 pixels tall. And if you want it to show up well on mobile devices, make sure it also looks good when cropped to 640 pixels wide x 360 pixels tall.

Of course, you could hire a professional like the team here to help you set up your social media page on Facebook for your business. Or you could just grab one of the photos below that we’ve already set up with the right dimensions!

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