50 nonprofit digital marketing ideas

By Leann Priebe on April 29, 2020

By Leann Priebe on April 29, 2020

We’ve mentioned it before, but we love nonprofits here at T&S! We’ve been working with them ever since it was just Tim and me running things. We like volunteering at nonprofits, we like donating auction items to nonprofits, and some of our team has even served on multiple nonprofit boards.

Of course, the way we’ve helped nonprofits the longest is by working with them on their digital marketing. So without further ado, here are 50 ideas for nonprofit digital marketing that work!

Website ideas

  1. Get a website if you don’t already have one, being sure to be strategic with your fonts and colors. Or find out if it’s time to redesign the one you already have!
  2. If you do have a website, go through it and make sure everything is up to date
  3. Sign up for a PayPal account and add a “Donate Now” button to your website
  4. Make sure your website has a call to action on your home page for whichever of these apply to you: donors, volunteers, recipients of your services
  5. While you’re at it, overhaul your home page so it is more effective
  6. Connect Google Analytics to your website
  7. If you’re using WordPress, do some routine maintenance
  8. Find out if your website is frustrating for others to use
  9. Optimize your WordPress website’s speed

Blogging ideas

  1. Start a list of potential blog topics
  2. Work on writing better blog headlines
  3. Start writing blog posts that are optimized for SEO so people are more likely to find you

SEO ideas

  1. Start to work on getting more online reviews
  2. Work on other elements of your local SEO
  3. Research SEO keywords
  4. Install an SEO plugin like The SEO Framework for WordPress
  5. Optimize your WordPress website for SEO

Facebook ideas

  1. Create a Facebook Page
  2. Create a Facebook event
  3. Start a Facebook group

Instagram ideas

  1. Sign up for Instagram
  2. Sign up for Hootsuite so you can use it to pre-schedule your Instagram posts
  3. Create your first social media story on Instagram
  4. Follow others on Instagram

LinkedIn ideas

  1. Set up a page for your nonprofit on LinkedIn
  2. Spruce up your LinkedIn page—or profile—with some free background images
  3. Invest time in getting better at using LinkedIn overall
  4. Improve your organization’s presence on LinkedIn
  5. Build up your followers for your LinkedIn Page
  6. Write a great article on LinkedIn

Pinterest ideas

  1. Create a Pinterest account
  2. Convert your Pinterest account to a Pinterest business account
  3. Set up your Pinterest showcase
  4. Start scheduling your pins with Hootsuite

Video & YouTube ideas

  1. Plan your video marketing strategy
  2. Create a YouTube channel
  3. Improve your YouTube channel
  4. Start creating some awesome videos just using your cell phone
  5. Make a video specifically for your home page
  6. Transcribe your YouTube videos

Email marketing ideas

  1. If you’re using Gmail, Yahoo, or some other third party email service, set up a more professional email address
  2. Add social media icons to your email signature
  3. Sign up for Mailchimp, set up an email list and email newsletter
  4. If you’re already on Mailchimp, make your email newsletter smarter
  5. Do some work on building your email list
  6. If you’re already on Mailchimp, delete inactive subscribers
  7. Set up a drip email campaign in Mailchimp

Other ideas

  1. Spend some time planning your digital marketing
  2. Put on an educational webinar
  3. Consider hiring a nonprofit marketing consultant

If you’re a DIYer, that should give you plenty of things you can do on your own. If it feels overwhelming, feel free to reach out! We would be happy to chat and see if we can help.

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