Don’t put all your digital marketing eggs in one basket

By Tim Priebe on September 25, 2019

By Tim Priebe on September 25, 2019

Dealing with all the different digital marketing platforms can be overwhelming. It’s no surprise that so many businesses and nonprofits choose to focus all their marketing efforts on one platform.

Focusing is important. When I speak at events, I often tell people to pick the platform that makes the most sense for their organization and focus most of their efforts there.

However, you may have noticed that I said, “most of their efforts.” I definitely did not say, “all of their efforts.”

That would be suicide!

Facebook, Google, and really all of the digital marketing platforms make changes. We deal with it all the time! And people who don’t do what I do for a living complain about it. I don’t blame them, it can be frustrating!

But when Facebook changes their algorithm, I don’t stress about it. Why am I not worried?

Well, if all my focus for T&S and for my clients were on Facebook, then I probably would be concerned. So if all your focus is on Facebook, I wouldn’t be surprised if you were worried when they change something. You should be!

How can you reduce your risk with all these changes happening on various digital marketing platforms?

Sure, you can concentrate all your efforts on one platform and just make it a hobby to keep up with all the changes. But you still have a lot of risk that way.

So what’s the solution?

It’s actually pretty simple. Diversify!

Whether you’re doing it yourself, have someone on staff, or outsource your digital marketing, the key is to have an active presence on multiple platforms, which spreads out your investment of time, money, and energy.

Don’t put all your effort into any one platform! You should be investing in your website, in Twitter, in email marketing, in Instagram… the list goes on.

Am I saying every platform, tool, or strategy is right for everyone? Of course not! But here are a few to consider:

  • Your website
  • Search engines (SEO)
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Email newsletter
  • YouTube
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest

Obviously, there’s a lot of overlap there, too. But if you pick the platforms that make sense for your organization and spread your effort out some, you will avoid the risks that come with putting all your digital marketing eggs in one basket.

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