Enhance your video strategy with YouTube premieres

By Leann Priebe on March 27, 2019

By Leann Priebe on March 27, 2019

YouTube has a new upload feature for your videos! Now whenever you click on the upload button at the top of the page, you will have the option to schedule a premiere. What does this mean? And what does it do?

What is a premiere?

When you schedule an upload with premiere, YouTube creates a page that your video will appear on at the selected date and time you fill out. Then when that time comes around, followers who have notifications turned on will receive a message 30 minutes before your video is available and another at your preselected time. While it’s running, your followers can watch it “live” and comment back and forth with each other as they experience it together! Once the premier version is over, the video moves to your videos page as a regular video.

How to use premiere

It’s a simple process. When you click upload, you’ll see the file selector. Under that is a dropdown arrow where you will choose “scheduled.” Upload and select your video. On the next page, you select the premiere option and input a date and time. After the video finishes processing, click “premiere” to finish.

More info

For more information about chat replay, super chat, and other features like monetizing your premiere, you can visit the Google Support page dedicated to YouTube’s awesome new feature.


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