Pay-what-you-can digital marketing for nonprofits

By Tim Priebe on May 23, 2018

By Tim Priebe on May 23, 2018

Note: While we no longer offer our pay-what-you-can option for nonprofits, we do have many other options available. Contact us for more info.

Back in late 2008, I decided I really liked nonprofits. Immediately, I started planning a year of website giveaways. Each month in 2009, we gave away a website to a nonprofit. And we started working with several nonprofits that we continue to work with today, including Diabetes Solutions of Oklahoma, Teen emPower, and The Kids’ Place.

Around the same time, we started regularly volunteering at nonprofits as a team. Now, we do that regularly every other month, with some occasional bonus volunteer days thrown in there.

I also began serving on various nonprofit boards. Currently, I’m the immediate past chair of the board for Family Builders of Oklahoma. I also met our newest full-time team member, Chloé Gee, while we were both serving on a nonprofit board.

But we also wanted to continue to help nonprofits with their digital marketing. We realized that we couldn’t afford to give away a website to a nonprofit every month forever. So back in early 2010, we rolled out our pay-what-you-can option for nonprofits. And while initially, it just applied to a specific level of website we offer, now it extends into some of the other areas we help with.

Here’s how it works:

  1. We meet with you to discuss the options available.
  2. We tell you how much it would be if you paid full price.
  3. If you can afford full price, we ask that you pay it. But if not, we take whatever you can afford.

Sound too good to be true? Well, I will admit that our highest end options are not available for pay-what-you-can. That’s just not a business model we would be able to sustain over time.

But many of our lower-end offerings are, and even a couple of our mid-level services. So if that sounds like it’s worth a conversation, we’d love to talk! And if you have volunteer opportunities, feel free to reach out. We’re a small team, but a passionate one!

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