The boring history of T&S’s logo

By Holly Kosec on March 17, 2017

By Holly Kosec on March 17, 2017

Our esteemed owner Tim usually knows what he’s doing. Except, of course, when he doesn’t. Specifically, when it comes to doing graphic design work. He’s actually helpful when he gives me feedback on my designs, but he couldn’t design his way out a paper bag.

Basically, he’d be lost without me and the other designers that have worked at T&S over they years.

There was actually a period of several years early on where Tim did all the design work himself. I shudder to imagine…

In fact, Tim designed the very first T&S logo! There have actually been a few different incarnations over the years. Thankfully, most of them were not created by Tim.

So at the risk of boring you, I present to you a visual history of the T&S logo.

2003 – 2007

Yes, this is the one that Tim designed. He claims it was supposed to look like the infamous Apple hockey puck mouse. Everyone now working at T&S just agree it looks bad.

2007 – 2008

This is the first logo that was designed by an actual graphic designer. It’s a challenge now to know who actually did it, but we’re 90% sure it was Emily Martin, who worked at T&S for about five years.

2008 – 2011

You can tell by looking at this logo that T&S was starting to move away from it’s cold, corporate look and feel, and toward something more fun. But we weren’t there yet…

2011 – 2014

Now this is more fun. Still known as T&S Web Design, we had finally embraced our fun, playful side. Although the orange was still around, it was now a vector illustration.

2014 – Current

Finally, you have our current logo. A new company name, and no more orange slices. In fact, we actually switched to using the orange as a planet, and now have a whole outer space theme going on.

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