Grow your Twitter audience with #FollowFriday

By Lauren Rogers on October 19, 2016

By Lauren Rogers on October 19, 2016

You’ve spent time cultivating meaningful relationships within your networks. And as long as you aren’t rude or spammy about it, it makes sense to ask for their help in building up your audience online.

Here’s one specific way you can draw on your strategic partners, friends, and employees to help spread the word about your organization to more people on Twitter.


People who want to support your company can get you out in front of their audience by participating in Follow Friday.

Follow Friday is one of the days that has a hashtag with pretty universal acceptance (like #ThrowbackThursday). You use the hashtag to recommend people you think your audience should follow. It’s that simple!

Here’s a tweet from T&S Owner Tim Priebe where he made use of the #FollowFriday hashtag to introduce his audience to a few nonprofits.

Encourage your network to promote your organization by using the #FollowFriday or #ff hashtag on a Friday. That will put your organization’s Twitter handle in an accessible place for their followers to find—especially their followers who don’t already know about you.

And don’t forget to reciprocate the online goodwill! Mention some of your strategic partners on a Follow Friday, maybe even before they do the same for you.

Building an audience is an important part of online marketing, but it’s important because it can lead to engagement, and help your audience know, like, trust, and value you. Always keep that end goal in mind!

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