Case Study: Baxter Electric Heat & Air

By Tim Priebe on May 31, 2016

By Tim Priebe on May 31, 2016

Baxter Electric Heat & Air has been serving Edmond and Oklahoma City for decades. When Josh Morphew, CEO, wanted to increase Baxter’s online presence, he wanted to focus on the value-add for their clients, and he didn’t want to be talked down to with jargon.

Initially, that’s not what he found! But frustrated by impersonal content, industry jargon, and unrealistic promises, he began working with T&S and found that not all online marketing companies are the same.


As a company, Baxter was moving away from the industry norm of entirely transactional relationships with customers to focus on creating ongoing client relationships.

Josh wanted Baxter’s social media presence to add value for their clients and give them a way (and a reason!) to stay in touch with Baxter.

T&S wasn’t the first place Josh looked to for online marketing. Josh shared that “other online marketers used a lot of buzzwords and talked about SEO, but hadn’t really suggested a content-driven approach. It didn’t sound like a real person was writing the content.”

Josh was tired of online marketing lingo that sounded purposefully confusing, and he didn’t want to be promised unrealistic results.


When we met with Josh, we talked with him about his business goals—not just his goals for online marketing. I was upfront about what wouldn’t work, what practices are considered unethical, and what reasonable expectations would be for online marketing results.

Josh later shared that one of the reasons he chose T&S was that I didn’t really over-promise. “You can help make the phone ring more often,” he said, “but it’s our job to make sales. You didn’t promise what you couldn’t deliver.”

To help Baxter provide value for their clients, we started providing several ongoing services. We began posting consistently on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google Plus, as well as weekly blog posts and weekly email newsletters.

Later, it also made sense to redesign Baxter’s website to update it and keep it in line with the customer-centric model of the company. In addition to those pieces of Baxter’s online marketing, we help Baxter maintain consistent branding on flyers and other print work.

Josh says that our customer service is a big part of his continued relationship with T&S. “I feel like my questions get answered and they keep their commitments, but they don’t hold my feet to the fire if I’m unsure about something. They want ongoing relationships with their clients,” he continued, “and it shows, which is important to me.”

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