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By Leann Priebe on December 29, 2015

By Leann Priebe on December 29, 2015

Sharing great visual content on your social networks is a fantastic way to increase engagement. Using Hootsuite, you can pre-schedule your social media graphics to go out to multiple social media websites at once. That way, you save yourself the work of posting the graphics manually. Let’s find out how!

1. Log in to Hootsuite

First, you’ll want to be logged into your Hootsuite account. Make sure the social network that you want to schedule your graphics from is added to your account, and then you’re ready to get started.

2. Compose a Message

Since Hootsuite doesn’t have bulk uploading options for graphics, you’ll need to schedule your graphics a little bit more manually. Go to the top left of your screen, and click in the box that says Compose Message.

If you already have the message you want to go out with your graphic created, paste it into the box. Otherwise, type your update now.

3. Attach Your Graphic

Once your update is done, it’s time to add the graphic. On the bottom right of the Compose Message box, you should see a Paperclip icon. This is where you go to Attach an Image or File. Select the graphic you want to schedule, and it will be added to your update.

4. Select Networks

Next, select the networks that you want your graphic to be scheduled to. Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ are all networks where the scheduled social media graphics show up great.

With LinkedIn, although you can technically schedule graphics, they don’t look great when they actually end up there using Hootsuite.

And with Instagram you can schedule graphics, but it currently works a little… differently, to say the least. It sends a notification to your phone at the scheduled time, and you then have to confirm that you want the graphic published on Instagram right then.

5. Schedule

The message is now set up and ready to go. While we could just send it out immediately, to schedule it, you click on the calendar icon (Scheduling) in the bottom right of the Compose Message box.

Select the day and time that you want your graphic to go out, and then click Schedule.

6. Rinse and Repeat

You can repeat this process for as many graphics as you’d like to schedule.

Remember, sharing that visual content can help get you more exposure online and increase engagement. If you haven’t already started sharing, pre-schedule a month or two using Hootsuite!

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