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By Leann Priebe on September 15, 2015

By Leann Priebe on September 15, 2015

I’ve now been at T&S Online Marketing full time for a couple months. To be clear, I’ve owned the company with Tim from the beginning, but recently transitioned to working at T&S full time.

As the reigning Content Queen, I work with clients to coordinate the creation of blogs, social media and email newsletters, as well as other miscellaneous online marketing work.

I’ve learned a lot in the last few weeks about marketing, a good office culture, and even some specifics on Tim in the office.

1. I can’t imagine how companies do this on their own

Theoretically, blogging, social media, and even email newsletters seem simple. But it turns out there’s way more than I realized that goes into pulling off an ongoing online marketing content strategy.

You have to come up with ideas, get all the information from a subject matter expert, coordinate with a writer to put that idea into well thought out, clear words, then format it for proper distribution.

I’m actually impressed some companies can pull this off on their own! Of course, plenty of companies hire a company like us at T&S to help with that.

2. Knowing your restaurants is the key to Holly’s heart

At my previous job, there weren’t a lot of opportunities to eat out as a group. But I’ve learned that at T&S, a busy schedule actually means the opposite.

While Tim makes decisions about where to eat fairly quickly and easily, it tuns out there’s a spreadsheet of restaurants Holly likes. We refer to that list to make sure we keep Holly happy, even in stressful times.

Not only are there specific restaurants on there, like Red Robin, Braum’s, and Cracker Barrel, but also what Tim calls “genres” of food, like American and Italian. And apparently “sandwiches” is a genre as well.

If you ever see Holly in need of cheering up, taking her to one of those places or getting her a gift card is a great idea!

3. Tim needs me to clean up his office clutter

I purposefully started working here the week that Tim, the kids, and Tim’s dad were all gone on a week-long boys trip. We had decided I was taking over the largest office, and moving him to a smaller one, and he didn’t want to be there when we made the switch.

That way, I could make all the difficult decisions for him!

I took it upon myself to get rid of some of the things Tim didn’t realize that he didn’t really need. I won’t go into the full list, because he still doesn’t know everything I threw out, but some empty cardboard boxes were definitely disposed of.

Of course, I’ve been cleaning up Tim’s messes at home since 1997, so I’m used to this part of the job.

Enjoying everything so far!

At the end of the day, I’ve really enjoyed this transition so far. There are definitely a lot of marketing and technical things for me to learn, but I like working with our great clients and writers, as well as everyone else that’s on our team.

There are plenty of work-places out there where people just work for the paycheck and the weekend, and never really enjoy their work. I’m fortunate because that just isn’t the case at T&S.

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