OOMPHcast #31: Sara Graybill – Marketing Insights From Graybill Creative

By Tim Priebe on May 20, 2015

By Tim Priebe on May 20, 2015

In episode 31, Tim is joined by Sara Graybill, owner of Graybill Creative. Sara’s love of technology and background in journalism give her a combination of skills that her clients find valuable. Specializing in websites for churches, non-profits, bed and breakfasts, and agritourism, Graybill Creative has carved out a great niche and identified ways to help serve those in those industries.

Sara shares how she came to identify those areas as her niche, and describes the services that she offers. She also shares some of her victories and failures from her online marketing experience. Sara offers up some great advice to other business owners, and explains which online efforts should be looked at first for those who can’t do everything at once.

Sara recommends these third-party tools: HostGator, MailChimp, WordPress, and Google Analytics.

Sara recommends these WordPress plugins: Yoast SEO Plugin, iThemes Security, and Gravity Forms.

In This Episode

1:30- About Sara and Graybill Creative.
4:24- What is branding and messaging, and why is it so important?
5:50- What online platforms are recommended and how does branding tie in to those?
7:13- How does branding play in to Twitter?
9:16- What third-party tools are recommended for online marketing?
10:55- What are the must have plug-ins for WordPress?
12:37- How to use the MailChimp branding guide to help your business?
12:32- What is a marketing tactic that has failed?
14:59- What is a marketing tactic that has had great results?
16:18- What is Sara’s biggest online marketing pet peeve?
17:26- What would Sara do if she only had 1 hour a week to market online?
18:07- What services does Graybill Creative offer?
18:56- What things do clients need to have in place?

Connect with Sara and Graybill Creative

You can connect with Sara and her company in the following places:

Thank you for listening to the show. See you next time, and keep on marketing, Oklahoma!


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