OOMPHcast #30: Tim Priebe – Optimizing your email marketing

By Tim Priebe on May 6, 2015

By Tim Priebe on May 6, 2015

Episode 30 is a unique interview as regular host Tim Priebe has the microphone turned on him as he is interviewed by guest host, Gunnar Hood.  Tim is the owner of T&S Online Marketing.  Tim shares why he believes email is still his preferred form of marketing, how to properly use an email list, and how to create email marketing campaigns that will bring growth to your company.

Tim pulls from his years of experience to give tips on creating good email subject lines and the importance of creating preview text for emails.  Tim also shares how you can measure the success of an email campaign by keeping an eye on your total subscribers, the open rate, and the click through rate.

Tim’s insight and experience with email marketing will give you and your business the insight to help you create better email campaigns, identify positive changes to make in your emails, get a better response to your emails, and even find the right company to help you create winning email marketing campaigns.

Tim also mentions www.email-checker.net, which can help you identify invalid email addresses.

In This Episode

2:26- About Tim and T&S Online Marketing.
8:57- Why Tim prefers email marketing.
11:24- How do you help people stand out with email when there is so much noise?
13:58- Opt-in email strategies.
17:00- Does an email list work better in some industries better than it does in others?
17:50- Is it necessary to have a website to do email marketing?
20:51- Can I use my normal email software to send emails to my list?
24:51- What ingredients work best for a successful email list?
27:13- What are the best ways to get people to open your email?
30:01- When is the best time to send email?
31:23- How have smartphones and mobile devices changed email campaigns?
32:26- What things should be looked at to measure a successful email campaign?
33:39- How to find the right company to help you with email.

Connect with Tim and T&S Online Marketing

You can connect with Tim and his company in the following places:

Thank you for listening to the show. See you next time, and keep on marketing, Oklahoma!

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