4 Quick & Easy Google Plus Page Tips

By Tim Priebe on October 22, 2013

By Tim Priebe on October 22, 2013

Did you know that a Google Plus Page for your company is great for helping your search engine rankings? And Google Plus is a great fit if any of your target market includes tech-savvy consumers or companies in the tech industry.

Although not every organization should invest tons of time in Google+, most can benefit from investing at least some initial set-up time there. If you’ve been waiting, here are four tips to get you started.

Create Your Page

The first step is fairly self-explanatory. You do need to have a Google Plus account in order to create a Google Plus Page. But if you already have an account with any of Google’s services, you essentially do have a Google Plus account already.

Make sure you have a file with your logo in it handy, and an image to use as your Cover. If you have a Facebook Page, LinkedIn Company Page, or Twitter account set up for your business, you can probably copy a lot of your information from there to speed things up. If not, your website is another great place to grab text from.

No need to reinvent the wheel!

Verify & Link

If you want to really get the search engine benefit from Google Plus, make sure you do two things.

First, link your website. We’ve seen website’s rankings improve after doing so, as long as they remain active on Google Plus. Ideally, you’ll want to have FTP access to your website to get it verified. If you have a web guy, he can probably help you with this.

Second, if you set your business up as a Local Business, you can also verify your business page. While linking connects your website to your Google Plus page, verifying connects your actual business to your Google Plus page.

For verification, we’ve seen Google offer postcard verification on some occasions, telephone verification on other occasions, and sometimes they let us pick which method we want to use.

Share Your Link

Once you’ve created your page, start sharing the link!

But before you do that, you may want a shorter, prettier looking link. Here at T&S, we use a link shortener we have installed on our website, Pretty Link. We typically use the URL https://tandsgo.com/googleplus.

If you don’t have that ability, have no fear! You can visit the website bit.ly and create your link that’s short and easy to read.

Then start sharing it! Include it on your website, in your email newsletter, on your other social media, and anywhere else that will let you share it.

Schedule Updates

The only thing worse than not having a Google Plus Page is having one and then never updating it. But what if you don’t visit Google Plus all the time, and don’t want yet another task to add to your weekly or daily schedule?

HootSuite to the rescue! If you’re not familiar with HootSuite, one of the things it will let you do is write a bunch of social media updates at once, then schedule them to go out at various points in the future.

As an example, you could sit down and write a month’s worth of daily updates all one day, upload them to HootSuite, and they would be published daily on your page throughout the following month.

Not only does HootSuite support Google Plus, but you can actually schedule those same updates to go out to your other social media websites that support similar status updates. That includes your Facebook Page, LinkedIn Company Page, and Twitter account as well.

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  1. Avatar Ehtesham Shaikh on February 12, 2014 at 11:39 pm

    Nice tips, I would like to know could we add three different countries addresses on single Google plus page?

    • Tim Priebe Tim Priebe on February 13, 2014 at 12:12 am

      As far as I know, you can’t. Google is always changing and tweaking things, so it’s possible that has changed, or will change.

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