The 10 years of awesomeness celebration

By Tim Priebe on December 31, 2012

By Tim Priebe on December 31, 2012

Are you embarrassed by your online marketing efforts? Do you wish you could make some improvements, but don’t have the time or the know-how?

We’ve got some awesome giveaways, prizes, and special deals for you throughout 2013!

In January 2013, we’re kicking off our ten year anniversary. But instead of you giving us gifts, we’re giving you gifts! We’re calling it the…

Wow. Has it really been ten years?

You’ll be able to win some awesome free prizes from us (and some of our partners). New clients will get some awesome discounts on some of T&S Web Design’s online marketing services.

And if you’re a current or past T&S client, we love you even more! All our current and past clients will be able to claim a bunch of our awesome design and marketing services throughout the year, absolutely free.

Edit: We decided to include a list right here to all the months as we post them.

We’re kicking off things right in January!

January’s Promotion

In January, social media packages are our gift to you. Specifically, setup and branding for your…

  • Facebook Company Page
  • Twitter Account
  • LinkedIn Company Page
  • Google Plus Company Page
  • YouTube Channel

T&S Clients

As a T&S client, you can get setup and branding for one of the social networks listed above absolutely free! If you’d like to get more than one, you’ll get half off your total.

New Clients

If you’ve never purchased services from T&S before, you can still get half off any of our social media packages. Whether you want us to set up a Facebook Company Page, or want a presence on all five websites, you’ll get half off your total.

Want to claim your social media package? Just give us a call at 405-285-0348, or email us, and we’ll schedule your planning meeting.

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