15 Fantastic Web Fonts for Headlines

By Holly Kosec on September 10, 2012

By Holly Kosec on September 10, 2012

Good typography can make or break your site. That’s why it’s important to always be on the lookout for clean, awesome fonts. Choosing a headline font is one of the most important font choices you will make. When most people read a website, they skim the page to find the information they are looking for. Headlines are the first thing they will check.

You need to make sure that headline stands out just the right amount, is easy to read and understand, and matches the look and feel of your business.

As for where to find some awesome headline fonts, here is a collection of 15 fonts from Google Web Fonts that may be a perfect for you!

1. Abril Fatface

2. Alice

3. Amatic SC

4. Average

5. Bevan

6. Bubblegum Sans

7. Corben

8. Crete Round

9. Love Ya Like A Sister

10. Oleo Script

11. Pacifico

12. Patua One

13. Rancho

14. Sansita One

15. Trocci

Keep in mind that headline fonts should be used sparingly. Some of these fonts may look fantastic as just a one-line focal point, but they definitely should not be used for larger bodies of text.

Be sure to check back next week for a follow-up blog that features some awesome body fonts.

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