Our robot has a name!

By Holly Kosec on June 8, 2012

By Holly Kosec on June 8, 2012

At long last, the time has finally come for our darling robot mascot to have a name all to himself. We have all of you to thank for that! We really appreciate the time you guys put in, submitting names, voting on our poll, and cheering on your favorite robot names. We had a lot of great entries in the first round of the competition, and we’d like to take this time to recognize those that, despite how awesome they were, weren’t able to make the cut for copyright reasons:

  • Bender Bending Rodriguez
  • Jarvis

We also had quite a few people try to butter Tim up with a few names inspired by his name. Unfortunately, none of those would do. Tim already thinks pretty highly of himself without having a robot named after him. But, here they are anyway:

  • TIM-E
  • Timmy or Little Timmy
  • Timmy Tyme
  • TIMBO2

Now, for the real reason you are here. Who actually won? It turns out Pixel decided to dominate its competition! Congratulations to Allie Essary at Rocking E Equine Facility (new website coming soon!), who won the grand prize for her awesome submission.

  • Pixel (49 votes)
  • Sprocket (29 votes)
  • Blippy (3 votes)
  • Spritz (3 votes)

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