Can’t find your website on Google?

By Tim Priebe on February 17, 2012

By Tim Priebe on February 17, 2012

If you can’t find your website on Google, Yahoo or Bing, T&S is here to help. We have process that allows us to improve your placement in the search engines. This process is often referred to as search engine optimization, or SEO.

While all of our sites are set up search engine friendly, we can help further with either a up front option, or with some ongoing options.

Up Front Search Engine Optimization

Our up front Search Engine Optimization can make a huge difference, even when performed just once. We’ve had clients go from search engine obscurity to first page search results.

Because we aren’t Google (or Bing or Yahoo), we can’t guarantee specific rankings. But we can typically estimate what kind of results we can expect. Then you can decide whether you want to make the investment or not.

Our optimization includes:

  • Keyword and key phrase research
  • Meeting with you to determine the words and phrases we’ll actually optimize for
  • Reworking of your website’s content to incorporate those words and phrases
  • Installation and configuration of several SEO plugins, both by third parties and developed by T&S

We typically experience very good results. That’s especially true for our SEO clients in Edmond and the OKC metro area. And if you would like to set up a meeting with us, we can go over some of those results in detail.

We do recommend you reevaluate periodically, generally every six months to yearly. You may benefit from having us do that SEO overhaul again from time to time.

Ongoing Search Engine Optimization

As part of that initial SEO work, we will recommend that you do some things on an ongoing basis. Two of those things are to blog on a regular basis, and to maintain updated social media accounts.

If you don’t have time to blog or keep up with social media on your own, but your search engine rankings are still important to you, T&S Web Design can blog on your behalf, and maintain your social media accounts for you.

When blogging or updating social media accounts for you, we will meet with you on a monthly basis, either in person or by phone, typically at the beginning of each month. We interview you, write your content, and send it to you for approval. Once you’ve approved it (or requested changes), we schedule it to appear over the course of the following month.

If making sure your website can be easily found in search engines is a priority for you, feel free to contact us for an hour-long SEO consultation. You can email us at, or call us at 405-285-0348.

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