Fun Fridays in 2010

By Tim Priebe on June 19, 2010

By Tim Priebe on June 19, 2010

It’s summertime again*, which has meant more Fun Fridays for us here at T&S. That means that everyone takes a couple hours for lunch (one paid), and partakes in some fun activity. And if they don’t have fun, they have to fake it.

Here’s the breakdown on what we’ve done so far this summer.

May 7

We kicked off the Fun Fridays of 2010 with an couple hours of playing Wii at my house. Bowling was the game of choice. I’m not sure who came in first, but I assume it was myself. Look at how professionally I’m sitting there.

May 14

For the second week, we ordered the setup from a local Mexican food place, Ted’s, and played cards. Or a dice game. Maybe both. I can’t remember for sure, and as near as I can tell, no photographic evidence of either exists, just of the food.

But I do remember that Ted’s was delicious.

May 21

Next up was Taco Bueno on a nearly abandoned Oklahoma Christian University campus, followed quickly by several games of Bocce Ball. We also invented a new version of Bocce Ball where everyone throws at once. It was all you are imagining it could be.

May 28

This week we hit up a bunch of garage sales. No great finds, unfortunately. Last year we had an employee find an iPod, and I found an old iMac my kiddos now use. No such luck this year.

June 4

This time we watched Twilight. Well, we watched it with the appropriate RiffTrax in place. Not sure we could have watched it by itself. I’d never heard of RiffTrax. What you do is start your movie, and sync up their audio file with the movie. Then Michael J. Nelson, star of Mystery Science Theater 3000, provides hilarious commentary on your movie.

Too funny!

June 11

We followed up last weeks viewing of Twilight with Twilight: New Moon. Again with RiffTrax, of course. Spoiler: It’s actually the same moon you’ve seen all your life. What a rip-off.

June 18

Hooray, Toy Story 3! Four of us were able to go see the great movie the day it came out. We also found out you can not take outside food or drinks into AMC.

Side story: I actually scored a free deluxe spicy chicken sandwich from Chik-fil-a in the food court at Quail Springs Mall. I ordered the cheaper sandwich, and they told me I could upgrade it for free, offer good that day only. I naturally accepted. Then the assistant marketing director tried to ring me up, a job which she apparently does not normally perform. Great confusion set in with operating the cash register, and she finally gave up and gave me my sandwich for free.

True story.

* While not technically summer, our college-age interns are on summer break. So there.

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