Workshops, new office, free websites, oh my!

By Tim Priebe on February 4, 2009

By Tim Priebe on February 4, 2009

When we’re in the website planning stage with a new client and they ask us about a blog, we always tell them to only get one if they can commit to blog at least weekly. Of course, it’s been over a week since we here at T&S have blogged. Shame on us. But we have had some exciting things going on lately.

First off, we just finished our first Webifiable workshop this past week. We turned the first two thirds of my book into an interactive workshop, and conducted this first experimental version of the workshop. The feedback was great. We even met with our partners in crime, PMS, earlier today to discuss the minor tweaks we are making before our next workshop on March 26. So if you’re interested in the next one, contact us.

Second, we’re moving T&S out of my home office and into its own office. Starting just as soon as we can get internet up and running, we’ll be in downtown Edmond on Broadway across from the post office. We’ll be at 247 N Broadway, suite #104. It’s not much bigger than our current office, but we’ll be able to get a lot more work done without the distractions that come with a home office.

Third, after getting our feet wet by starting our Webifiable workshop, we’re getting ready to offer workshops for MySpace, Facebook and LinkedIn. There will be an hour and a half workshop for each of those three sites, and the sessions will have hands-on setting up of accounts for the sites, as well as guidelines for businesses to make the most use of the sites without spending hours and hours on them every week. We are days away from setting a date for these workshops, but if you are interested, go ahead and contact us.

Finally, we’re giving away a free custom website to a different non-profit group every month in 2009. The lucky January recipient was Edmond Mobile Meals, and we’re continuing to look in the Edmond and Oklahoma City area for additional non-profits to help. If you are involved in or know of a non-profit group that could benefit, fill out our form and let us know.

It’s been an exciting first month of the year, and it’s only getting better from here!

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