Struggling to blog on a consistent basis?

Want to demonstrate your expertise but hate to write?

Blogging can have amazing results, but it takes a lot of time. As a business owner or nonprofit director, your time is more precious than gold.

At Backslash Creative, we believe that having the kind of blog that reaches your target audience exactly where they are doesn't have to take a ton of time or frustrate and exhaust you. We get it, you're not a copywriter, editor, or web designer, and you don't have to be. You want to spend your time serving your clients. That’s where we come in.

The Blogging Process

Blogging the right way consists of a lot of writing on a regular basis. That can take a lot of time, and you may even find it painful. We can turn your expertise into ongoing blog articles, ghost written by our fantastic writers. We interview you each month, write your blog articles, send them to you for approval, and schedule them to go live on your website.

If establishing expertise or making sure your website can be easily found in search engines like Google is a priority for you, then make blogging a priority.

Blogging for SEO

Looking to enhance your search engine rankings and increase traffic to your website? Our Blogging for SEO service is tailor-made for you. We craft high-quality, SEO-optimized blog content that not only resonates with your audience but also signals to search engines that your site is valuable and relevant.

Email marketing

Want to get the most bang for our buck? Sending your blogs as part of your email newsletter or drip campaign is a great way to use your time, energy, and money to the best of your ability. We work with you to create and distribute the content you pay for in the most effective way.

Kirsten Land

We've been using Backslash Creative for our online marketing for years and we keep using them because we like who they are as a business and as people. They're happy to explain why something will or won't be helpful, and they help us maintain an active online presence.

We've worked with their team for our website, blogs, newsletter, and ongoing social media. They're proactive and they help us think up content that would be useful for our clients. Best of all, they make sure that our online presence is good to go so we can focus on running our business!

Kirsten Land

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