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Victims Impact Panel

Working with VIP, we've provided ongoing expert guidance and even moved crucial processes online, saving them hundreds of hours.

Client overview

Client since 2009

Victims Impact Panel works to combat impaired and distracted driving across Oklahoma. VIP is the original, court-recognized program that has been working to prevent Oklahomans from making irresponsible and dangerous choices since 1989. They partner with offenders, community groups, and other advocates to make Oklahoma safer.

The challenge

When we first met with Victims Impact Panel in 2009, they were operating without a website, despite the increasing importance of online presence.

Over the years, as the digital landscape evolved, VIP recognized the need for expert guidance to keep their online presence updated, relevant, and efficient. They sought to streamline their operations, moving some business processes online to save time and resources.

One of the most pressing challenges in recent years was the significant amount of time spent fielding calls about their programs. Additionally, there was a potential credibility issue, as they were operating under a .com domain, which might not have resonated with the typical expectations for a nonprofit organization.

How we've helped

From the beginning, our team worked closely with the VIP team, guiding them through the intricacies of the digital world. We developed a robust website for them that established their online presence. Over the years, we've developed multiple redesigns of that website, helped with social media, and advised and helped with additional technical solutions to business problems.

Understanding best practices of the digital domain, we advised VIP on the importance of having a .org domain for nonprofits. Initially, we set up a .org domain that redirected to their primary .com domain. However, recognizing the potential credibility boost, we eventually transitioned their primary domain to the .org, ensuring the .com was redirected to it.

One of the most transformative changes over the years was the implementation of an online calendar system. By moving their schedule of panels online, we drastically reduced the hours spent on administrative tasks, saving the organization hundreds of hours over time.

Throughout our partnership, we've had the pleasure of working with multiple executive directors. Sean Rose, the current ED, even knew Tim before joining the VIP team. Sean's background in marketing and communication brought a fresh perspective, but our role remained consistent: providing expert guidance and ensuring VIP looked good online and adhered to best practices.

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Sean Rose speaking

When I came into VIP it was a turbulent time, and it was good to have somebody to work with that I already knew. Once everything was stable, I wanted to look at updating the website.

I work on a board with a lot of advertising, creative, and marketing agencies, and I was blown away by the work that Backslash Creative was doing. They do it at a much faster pace, which was wonderful for me.

The team is always understanding. They ask questions to understand the long-term and future. They're a very reliable team and responsive. They take all the guesswork out of digital marketing for me. And they're very transparent about what I'm being charged.

Sean Rose

Victims Impact Panel

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