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Land Enterprises Roofing

Discover how Land Enterprises Roofing transitioned from traditional advertising to a robust online presence with our expertise.

Client overview

Client since 2009

Looking for a trusted residential roofing company in Edmond? Look no further. Land Enterprises Roofing specializes in roof repairs, replacements, and maintenance in the Oklahoma City area. Started by Brian Land in 1986, Kirsten took over running the company in 2019.

The challenge

In 2009, Brian and Kirsten wanted to start utilizing online marketing rather than traditional advertising. To stand out from their competition, they had just had a new, professional looking logo created. They wanted to do the same thing with their website. They needed to start sharing the link to their website on their trucks and the small amount of literature they shared with potential customers.

They were both big believers in hiring qualified professionals to help in areas they weren't experts in. They knew if they attempted one of the build-it-yourself website platforms, they wouldn't end up with the level of expertise they were shooting for. And if their business coach hadn't recommended us specifically to them, it's probable they would have ended up with a company that only did websites, and wouldn't have been able to help them expand their digital reach over the years.

They needed a company that would help them so they could concentrate on helping their clients.

How we've helped

Working with Brian and Kirsten, we created a great-looking website that achieved the professionalism they wanted, demonstrating their helpfulness and expertise. and over the years since then, we've helped them expand into other areas of online marketing that made sense for their organization.

Now that Kirsten is focused on running her business, we work with her on an ongoing basis to make Land Enterprises Roofing look like professional, helpful experts on their website, social media, email marketing, and elsewhere online.

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Kirsten Land

We've been using Backslash Creative for our online marketing for years and we keep using them because we like who they are as a business and as people. They're happy to explain why something will or won't be helpful, and they help us maintain an active online presence.

We've worked with their team for our website, blogs, newsletter, and ongoing social media. They're proactive and they help us think up content that would be useful for our clients. Best of all, they make sure that our online presence is good to go so we can focus on running our business!

Kirsten Land

Land Enterprise Roofing

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