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Coherent Contracts

Modern, mobile-friendly, and masterfully done! See how we revamped Coherent Contracts' online presence.

Client overview

Client since 2020

Coherent Contracts, spearheaded by the knowledgeable Oscar Womack Jr., stands as a guiding light for businesses venturing into the intricate realm of federal contracts. With a commitment to demystifying the proposal process, Coherent Contracts has secured millions in contracts, particularly in the defense sector.

The challenge

In 2020, Oscar's journey with Coherent Contracts was well underway when he recognized the need to modernize his digital presence. While the website served its purpose, the evolving digital landscape and user expectations meant that it needed to be more mobile-friendly and contemporary. Oscar, having known Tim for over a decade through a speaker association and being familiar with Tim's expertise in digital marketing, reached out to T&S for assistance.

Oscar knew his website wasn't mobile-friendly, and later realized the website was out of date overall.

How we've helped

Our longstanding relationship with Oscar facilitated a smooth collaboration. In 2020, we took on the task of modernizing Coherent Contracts' website, ensuring it was mobile-friendly and aligned with current user expectations. Oscar's appreciation for our efforts was evident.

Fast forward to 2023, Oscar approached us once again, this time with a vision for a completely new and modern website. We rose to the challenge, delivering a site that not only met but exceeded Oscar's expectations.

Our enduring relationship with Coherent Contracts and Oscar underscores our dedication to our clients' success. We're honored to have been a part of Oscar's digital journey and eagerly anticipate future collaborations.

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Oscar Womack Jr. small

I had Tim and the team at Backslash Creative modernize a few aspects of my website, including making it mobile-friendly. After some back and forth, they got everything converted, and then launched it very quickly!

I really appreciate their above-and-beyond support during the process. I'll be sure to reach out to them if I need anything else.

Oscar Womack, Jr.

Coherent Contracts

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