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Mannford Church of Christ

Mannford Church of Christ's journey from traditional to digital is a testament to embracing change.

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Located in Mannford, Oklahoma, Mannford Church of Christ is a vibrant, multi-generational congregation dedicated to scripture-based teachings and community. With a blend of traditional a capella worship and contemporary outreach, they offer a welcoming space for members to connect and grow in faith. Under the leadership of the elders and preacher, the church emphasizes unity, worship, and the power of shared spiritual journeys.

The challenge

With elders like Leon Couch, Bill Zuker, and Kevin Jane, as well as minister Robert Prater, Mannford Church of Christ has always been proactive in its approach to community outreach. However, like many religious institutions, they found themselves navigating the digital realm with limited guidance. Their primary challenge was twofold: understanding how to effectively utilize digital platforms for outreach and ensuring their online presence resonated with both their core values and the needs of their community.

The church's leadership recognized the potential of the digital world but felt they were merely scratching the surface. They had made attempts at establishing an online presence, with a website launched in 2010 and revamped in 2016, and had even ventured into live streaming on platforms like Facebook. Yet, they felt the need for a more cohesive and strategic approach.

Moreover, the COVID-19 pandemic underscored the importance of a robust online presence. It presented both a challenge, with physical gatherings becoming a concern, and an opportunity, as they people across the country were participating in their streaming worship service. They didn't just want a digital 'fix'; they were looking for a comprehensive strategy that would serve them in the long run in bringing the lost to Christ.

How we've helped

Our collaboration with Mannford Church of Christ began with crafting a comprehensive marketing plan, setting the stage for future projects. Recognizing the need for a cohesive visual identity, we next designed a fresh logo and visual branding that truly encapsulated the church's essence. This visual rebranding was then extended to the digital domain with a revamped website, making it more user-friendly and a central hub for both members and newcomers.

Understanding the significance of digital outreach, we guided the church into the world of social media. With our expertise, they effectively utilized platforms like Facebook and Instagram, broadening their reach and nurturing their online community. Additionally, to enhance their communication, we integrated Mailchimp, streamlining their email communications and ensuring the congregation remained connected and informed.

Throughout this journey, our close relationship with the church's leadership, especially with elder Bill Zuker and minister Robert Prater, ensured that every initiative was aligned with the church's vision, making their digital presence a genuine extension of their local church.

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Bill Zuker

Teaming up with Tim was one of our finest decisions. The information in the marketing plan was perfect, and we love the new logo and website. We are extremely pleased with the content.

We always leave meetings excited, and the Backslash Creative team is great. We look forward to a long relationship with them.

Bill Zuker

Mannford Church of Christ

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