5 lessons from Fabletics on Instagram

By Chloé Gee on June 16, 2021

By Chloé Gee on June 16, 2021

Choosing one Instagram page that stands out to me is difficult because there are so many great options, but overall, Fabletics’ Instagram page has it all—especially when it comes to marketing tactics. Fabletics designs activewear for women (they also have Fabletics for men) and was co-founded by actress Kate Hudson. 

So, why have I chosen Fabletics? Let’s break it down!

1. Consistency

One of the best ways to become successful on Instagram is to post frequently. Fabletics posts daily, whether it’s an Insta story, reel, or news feed post. You’ve most likely heard the phrase, “Consistency is key,” and in the marketing world, it really is true!

2. Brand ambassadors

Many companies in the fashion industry have brand ambassadors to promote their clothing, whether the companies pay, offer discounts, or just offer the perks of being part of an active community. You do not have to be part of the fashion industry to have brand ambassadors! Other products can be promoted by ambassadors; you just have to decide if it’s the right route for your business.

3. Inclusivity

Fabletics is not only inclusive of everyone, but they focus on spreading awareness outside of the fashion world, such as taking steps in helping our environment, donating to and promoting other campaigns, and more. All of these aspects are what make people feel welcomed, appreciated, and included.

4. Branded hashtags

Creating hashtags specifically to your brand will make it easier for people to find you. Not only that, but it’s a great way to promote your business because it allows new people to find your page and products, as well as bring a sense of community to your brand. You want to be sure that the hashtags are simple and relevant. For example, Fabletics uses #Fabletics and #MyFabletics as their common tags. The hashtag #MyFabletics also gives you a chance to be featured on their page, which people love. 

5. Instagram highlights

Instagram highlights are very beneficial, and Fabletics takes full advantage of them. Any time they post to their story, it can be added to a page highlight, and you can create different categories for easy navigation. Fabletics has many different highlight categories, such as Our Impact, Our Ambassadors, In-Store fun, and more. When people visit the page, they can click on specific highlights for the information they are looking for. It makes browsing and researching more simple for curious Instagram users.

There are many more different tactics Fabletics uses to make their brand successful, especially through social media. With more than half of the world’s population having access to the internet, businesses and organizations have to keep up and find new ways to capture people’s attention. Follow Fabletics and browse their content to help your brand find different ways to stand out!

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