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By Holly Kosec on October 14, 2014

By Holly Kosec on October 14, 2014

Pretty much everyone uses their phone to surf the internet, check business hours, get directions, and so much more. In fact, more people now have a mobile device than have a desktop computer. So having a website that is optimized for viewing on a phone is crucial in today’s world.

Really, it’s expected, and people aren’t happy when they have to pinch and zoom to click on tiny links, or sift through too much information to find what they are looking for.

But what really makes a mobile website great? Let’s check out some businesses whose websites are shining examples of what a mobile site should be.

For the best viewing experience, and to see more, check out these websites on your phone by using the links below:

What makes a good mobile website?

A mobile site can look good, and still not get the job done. A good mobile website will put the most important information right at the forefront. People have different needs when they’re surfing the website on their desktop, versus their phone, so it may not be the same thing in both places.

The important thing is to consider what your customers will be going to your mobile website to do.

Is it to…

  • Find information
  • Find out your business hours
  • Get directions or find multiple locations
  • Order products
  • Check your catalog or menu
  • Or something completely different

Once you know what your customer’s priorities are, then you’ve found your own priorities. Make it easy for your customer to find the information they want and do what they need to do on your website.


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