It’s so ugly I want to cry…

By Elyssa Dolinger on August 2, 2010

By Elyssa Dolinger on August 2, 2010

Dry your eyes! T&S is here to save the day! How you ask? With the power of FMUD! Yes, that’s right! With the power of, you too can surround yourself with good design!

Have you ever looked at someone’s business card and not wanted to do business with them because it was just that ugly? Have you ever looked at your Facebook page and thought that it wasn’t as polished as it should be? I know you’ve wished your website could be as cool as ours.

So take a photo or screen capture and send it to us! You can even grab that business card, in all its hideousness, and mail it to us. Get it out of your sight and into ours as an entry into our Fix My Ugly Design contest.

Our first contest is for ugly business cards so be sure to be on the prowl for really ugly business cards to enter.

Visit our website Fix My Ugly Design for details and be sure to visit our Facebook and Twitter Pages (or sign up for our Newsletter) for micro-contests with real cash or gift card prizes.

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