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By Elyssa Dolinger on May 28, 2010

By Elyssa Dolinger on May 28, 2010

We’ve been all aflutter here at T&S because we are moving offices. We received our keys yesterday and even got the green light to start moving stuff in later today. It’s a pretty sweet deal. New paint, new carpet, a couple pieces of leftover furniture and the best of all—our new 1,100 sq.ft. office only 37 feet from our current 185sq.ft. office. We are gaining a LOT of space and keeping our AWESOME location (instead of three doors away from the Jimmy John’s east of OC, we are snuggled right up next to it. Mmmm. Free smells.)

Tim put a lot of in-progress pictures up on his facebook, but in case you’ve missed the awesomeness we’ve planned out our new space on paper and we’ve got the final photos from after the construction. So exciting! We just can’t wait to put all of our stuff in there.


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