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By Dave Roach on August 11, 2008

By Dave Roach on August 11, 2008

So as an aspiring designer in the digital world, I am always looking for ways to increase my knowledge about the programs I use to design, mainly Photoshop, Illustrator and Flash. Personally, I got my footing through school, and then started reading books and looking at tutorials online. All of these have helped me gain knowledge, but recently I found out another excellent source for learning about these programs. Podcasts!!

The other night I was looking through the free podcast directory for some videos for my ipod, when I stumbled upon all sorts of podcasts that had video tutorials for pretty much anything I would ever need! There are hundreds of these video podcasts that have tips and tricks from professionals and they are all free! So if you are ever in need of some Photoshop knowledge in advanced layering on 3D objects or just need to know how to touch up an image, check out the free podcasts!!! Here is a link to get you started with Photoshop, it will open up itunes and send you to the podcast directory (you don’t have to have an itunes account to get podcasts).


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