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7 best practices to build your audience online

By Tim Priebe | September 9, 2014

Social media management can be a challenge. You have to worry about setting up sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and LinkedIn the correct way. You have to share updates on a consistent basis. And you need to build your audience.

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6 social media sites you should know

By Tim Priebe | July 15, 2014

If you market your organization online, you need to be aware of the basics about the six social media sites that are currently the most popular and usable by businesses. Are you familiar with all of them? If so, should you be using them, or would you just be wasting time and resources?

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How to choose the right social network

By Tim Priebe | January 15, 2013

When marketing your organization, you could, theoretically, spend all your time on social media websites. But the return on your time invested starts to level out. That’s your point of optimization. It’s different for every company, and it can vary for different people in a given company. A big part of finding your point of optimization is deciding what social media website to spend the majority of your time on. When making that decision, you have to balance three things…

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How to convert your Pinterest account to a Business Account

By Tim Priebe | December 17, 2012

Last month, Pinterest rolled out their business accounts. There’s currently not much difference between their normal accounts and business accounts. However, if we look at what’s historically happened on other social media websites, there will probably be more and more advantages for a business to have a business account.

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Easily Make Your Pinterest Account Stand Out

By Tim Priebe | November 19, 2012

Pinterest recently added the ability to verify your website. This is an easy way to make your brand stand out just a little bit more on their website. Best of all, the whole process just takes a couple minutes!

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